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Super Bowl Commercials

Client: The Dawn Project

Following on from a series of impactful New York Times print adverts, the client decided to pursue TV advertising during Super Bowl LVII as part of the non-profit's larger campaign calling for a ban on Tesla's Full Self-Driving cars.

Realising the short turnaround time, a concept was created using a series of existing footage, focusing on the concerning dangers to pedestrians raised during repeated vehicle testing.

Liaising directly with TV networks to achieve the high value advertising spot, the commercial ran in a series of major markets and generated substantial press interest for the campaign and client,

Following on from the success of the Super Bowl LVII campaign's success, The Dawn Project set out once again to utilise commercial spots during the major sporting event.

Once again working with the constraints of using only existing footage, two creatives were produced and with the client happy with both options, they were both carried forward into a second year of commercial offerings for Super Bowl LVIII across similar major markets.

The dual commercial approach achieved a high level of success, resulting in a range of media attention.

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